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i am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones i already own.

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Anonymous asked:
you and your boyfriend are so cute


thanks alldkamdjajsljdkal but how do you know
but thanks again this makes me happy c:

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l505l asked:
your icon is extremely cute *-* omg


aldksjdjaldjakks thanks I haven’t changed it in three years

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Anonymous asked:
Does it bother you that we have that kind of relationship, that "we could have worked" relationship?


Yes, ‘cause sometimes I still catch myself thinking about you when I know I am happy where I am and I hope that you’re very happy where you are.
But you know. It’s always that giant ass “what if”.

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peach by the front bottoms

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Everyday Objects With Faces Are Awesome

When you walk around and look at everything around you, chances are, you may see a face. It may be human, it may be an animal, but sometimes you can see faces in inanimate objects. This is called Pareidolia: Seeing faces in random things!

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